Im so frustrated, for months i've tried to find out how they made that beefy/fat sound they do in the "chorus part" This part to be more specific:

C ||-----------------------------------|--------------------------------------|
G ||-----------------------------------|--------------------------------------|
Bb||-7-7----7----7---------9---10---9--|-----9--10---9---------9-10-------9-10| X2
F ||-----------------7---7---7----7---7|-8-8--8----8---10---10------11-11-----|
C ||-----------------------------------|--------------------------------------|

It can't be the gears he uses becouse he only make this sound the first time this is played, not in the ending where the song is fading out. So what the hell does he do? I've tried to find it out for months but now im giving up, could you please tell me what to do to achieve the sound of it?

Im not gonna post a video of the song cuz you probably know the part allerady, if you havent, just listen to the song and you know what this part is.

Thanks alot!

A Krank would help. Hot pickups too.
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i can play the song, and the only reason that part doesnt sound right is because there are two guitars playing that part not just one
Okay, it might be the reason, but i still think it would take something more. I tried palm muting but i doesn't seem to sound right.

Im too poor to get a Krank x)
After watching videos of other peoples playing the song, even without the backup guitar they seem to be able to make the sound, so im really doubtful that i do anything right at all... Is there some kind of special picking style or something like that?