So I'm fairly new to my electric guitar, 3 days to be exact and I love it. I've been playing an acoustic for over a year now. So I hate to ask such a begginner question. But how to I know if my guitar can or can not use a whammy bar? Thanks in advance.
Is there a slot, most likely on or near your bridge, to screw one in?
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it will have one

edit: or as that guy said a slot where you can put one. but if its new it should come with one
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If you're guitar doesn't have a hole for the whammy bar, it's probably a boy.

Theres a hole at the bridge, you can install one too, bigspy and stuff like that if you doesn't have one.
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Is there a slot, most likely on or near your bridge, to screw one in?

If he had a slot for a whammy bar he would have one.

TS you would need a entirely different bridge to use a whammy bar.
TS, you have a fixed bridge. For a whammy bar, you need a tremolo, there are several different types, all eplxained in this Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tremolo_arm
It is possible to have a tremolo installed on most solid-body guitars with a fixed bridge but it is costly.
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