why can't I just cut the wires of a HB and just use electrical tape to tape the new HB?

honest question, sorry if it's a lame one.
that'll be a bad connection
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it would work if you soldered it and then used tape for insulation.
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If you twist the wires together, and wrap them with tape, they'll work fine for awhile. Eventually, the copper will oxidize and create a progressively worse connection. Wire nuts would probably work better for longer, but soldering is your best bet.
You can certainly do it, but it's not the best idea. Soldering isn't hard at all, it takes at most an hour to learn, and will cost you 20 bones for a good kit and something to practise on (an old VCR or something).
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ok yeah soldering is easy to get the hang of, and there are a lot of tutorials on the internet.
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