Hey guys, I have a Taylor 410 CE acoustic/electric that has been taken care of, humidified, etc etc. But I've noticed a very thin "line" that you can actually feel....that extends from the bridge all the way down to the base of the guitar. Its a perfectly straight line, visible if held at the right angle. I dont wanna call it a crack...it might be...but it looks more like a deep scratch however...it wasnt there before so it has to be a crack of some sort....anybody seen anything like this ? if so, what could the problem be ? there is no difference in tone or sound or anything like that
It sounds like a split in the wood and that seems to be a pretty common place for it to happen. It isn't a big deal -- it happens, but it would be good to get it repaired before it gets worse. It's a good thing you caught it so quickly.
You said it wasn't there before, but is it possible you just didn't notice it? I ask because if it's dead on down the centerline of the guitar from the bridge to the bottom, it's possible that it's just the seam where the soundboard halves were "bookended". See, a lot of the time, the soundboard will be cut very thin from a solid piece, then layed open like a book, then those two halves joined together. This will give a mirror image from one half of the top to the other, and keeps the same grain pattern across the face of the top.
I'm not saying that it's not a crack or other defect, just that it could be something else is all. Either way, to be on the safe side, I'd bring it in, or at least try to have a peek at the interior. Pull off the strings and if you can get your hand into the soundhole, feel back there for signs of cracking. Short of doing that, a telescoping mirror and bright light might work. I've even used my pc cam to look around inside my acoustic before. Actually works pretty good since it's auto adjusting for different lighting conditions.
Also, not to get you worried more, but if it is a crack, it is a big deal. There's a substantial amount of stress in the bridge area of a steel string acoustic, and ANY cracking in that area will usually get worse over time. There's roughly 163 lbs. of string tension pulling on the bridge from a set of .012's. Best to tend to it now if you can.
Do you mean a line straight down the center of the guitar? If so then it actually goes all the way up to the neck as well. Guitar tops are made with 2 "bookmatched" halfs that are glued together. It not only makes the guitar look nice, but it make the tonal responce from the guitar so that it's more balanced.

If it's not the center joint then I still wouldn't wory to much. Just keep and eye on it and if it starts to extend above the bridge you might need to put a touch of superglue at the end of the crack (inside the guitar) and then glue a cleat on to stop the crack from spreading. If it doesn't sit open then there isn't much more that can be done.
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