I really like Alexi Laiho's guitar, but I don't like the fact that it has only one pickup. Can anyone tell me of a guitar that looks and sounds like his that comes with 2 pickups?
All the Randy Rhoads signature ones made by Jackson.
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jackson RR?
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TS, are you talking about the USA Alexi or the Japanese Alexi models? If it is the Japanese version, The ESP and Edwards RV are about as close as you are going to get without having to purchase Alexi's signature guitar itself.
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The RR3 i think it is has the pinstriping, altho it is a bit different than the Alexi model. But all the Randy Rhodes Jacksons have the same basic shape as the Alexi model.
Qotsa is right, either the RR3 or RR1 are your best bets, both of which are amazing and look almost identical to Laiho's guitar(s).
The ESP SV Standard, but it's about 3000 (Euros?), so me guesses that's about.... $4000, but I dunno.
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The ESP SV series. But those aren't available in the states, if that's where you live. If that's the case, then try Jackson RRs.

EDIT: Actually, I forgot about guitarjapan.com. If you drop them an email, they will order any Japanese ESP or Edwards guitar you want, and shipping is pretty cheap compared to most other import options such as Ishibashi. The Edwards E-RV-148 is basically an ESP SV without the pinstripes (such as in the older models) and with EMGs (the newer SVs have Duncans). And Edwards are considered to be just as good/better than ESP yet a lot cheaper. I've gotten a quote from them for the E-RV-148 of $1,104 and shipping was $100.
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buy the alexi sig, route and put in a second pickup
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buy the alexi sig, route and put in a second pickup

That would cost way too much.
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Buy a Jackson Randy Rhoads model. The ESP Alexi cost like $1,200 right? I dont know if you are buying new or not, but if you are, look on Ebay for a used Jackson RR1. You'd prabobly be able to find yourself one in very good condition for around $1000+ , and the RR1 is alot better than the ESP. It's alot of the same specs as the ESP, except its got 2 pcikups, real MOP, and probably some more. Also if having a tremelo isnt an issue, look into a Jackson RR5. I think it's finish is the best out of them all, and it comes with 2 pickups, but doesnt have a tremelo. You could get it new for the same price as the ESP too. It's up to you.

I think it's stupid that ESP can sell the Alexi guitars, they're COMPLETE Jackson rip-offs. Alexi didnt even design the shape, so I dont see what right he has to bring it over to another company after he left Jackson.
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Jackson RR24. All the other jacksons only have 22 frets. An ESP SV, which is what his sig is based off of, is difficult to come across in the States, and will still cost more than the RR24.
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