who has heard them?
what do you think about them?
favorite song?
favorite album?
have you ever seen them live?
for me, best band of spanish rock band of history, Cerati is a genius, Zeta always finds a bass line that fits, and Charly drums arent that show off but they ll never miss a beat...
i saw them live in Venezuela in nov-07, best concert in my life...ive only been to a few tho...
btw, im just 16, i was 6 when they split, but they are ****ing great even 10-20 years after.
i have limited knowledge of them. Cerati seems to be a good songwriter, if nothing else. cant even think of a song title off the top of my head tho, so i really dont know them that well
yo los conozco!!!!! soy argentino y son lo mejor q hay....los fui a ver aca en argentina en diciembre del año pasado..estuvo genial!!!tambien tengo 16 años.....aguante cerati zeta y charly!!!!!!
Well im just reading this here i come im Mexican and this guy Gustavo Cerati is the rock in spanish this guy revolutionized the music in spanish before him nobody could even imagine a band that sound so powerfull even better on stage that on record thats why they recorded a live album their tird album cqlled ruido blanco they played in viña del mar festival and after that the sodamania started peru bolivia colombia venezuela and finally Mexico where they consolidated has The band of rock the best in the history of spanish rock they open the door for everibody alse long live cerati i miss u everyday but i lissen to you every day also. Favorite song ? Well hard one corazon. Delator ella usos mi cabeza como un revolver , angel electrifo, signos , danza rota , azulado , all nice that you are intrested any thig incan help you whit information i will be pleassed to anwer