I dont know for sure, but i wouldnt imagine their would be a limit.

Illnesses and age would be the two main factors i reckon.

Or if you've got money to perhaps buy some favours.
I'm not sure if there's a limit but you can definitely get sent even when you're supposed to be finished already. I think it's called stop loss or something.

Why do you ask?
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I'm sure there is a limit, but that limit is set by the people who send people to war. Really, they'd probably only to do that to minimize people going nuts and shooting the rest of their platoon, but if manpower is low, then don't unpack your kit.
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It depends. First off there isn't a draft anymore so not just anyone can do it without volunteering. I don't know what the active military is right now. My great uncle fought with the 1st division in WWII. When he got drafted again for korea he didn't have to go (he served stateside, and would have gone to korea otherwise)
i think the limits four in ur lifetime. but i could be wrong my brother has allready been to iraq twice and now he is in Afghanistan. so i think he said he can only go do another hump( serve in a war) but im not to sure, but i think they changed it so u can go no matter how many times u been.
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if you mean get drafted, then you serve your term, which was a year during vietnam, i think its either 12, 18, or 24 nowadays. if you serve your term you can choose to stay for another set of time if you want to
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