Hey there. I just have a few questions I'd like answered from some of the more experienced guitarists out there. I'm in college and my birthday is coming up. I'm asking for a guitar and a summer's worth of lessons (4 months). I'm planning on going to a music shop and buying an acoustic guitar (most of the music I listen to features an acoustic guitar). I took piano lessons for about 7 years, so I would say I'm pretty musically inclined. I realize that practice is the only way to see real progress. With that in mind, how much progress should I expect to see in about four months? I plan on practicing about an hour a day. What will four months of lessons get me? What can I expect to be doing in my first, second, third, and fourth months of lessons? Other than that, any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I figure taking a few months of lessons will help me develop good technique and give a good base. Let me know if I'm way off! Thanks in advance!
With an already musically inclined mind and the motivation to practice an hour a day, you'll probably progress pretty far, because you'll already have some theory in your head.

With a good teacher for that four months, you'll probably be in a "good place" in about 4 months, with a good understanding of scales and chords, and you'll probably have a few songs under your belt by then.
everyone progresses at a different speed. also it depends what your teacher teaches you in the four months. my teacher teaches each student differently according to the music they want to play and **** like that
Sounds like you have the theory already. Youtube and internet for technique and you should progress pretty quickly. As stated above, practice is key.
its different for everybody but you have been playing piano which should help ive only playing for around 4 or 5 months but ive gotten really good most stuff dosent stump me anymore and the only real problem i have when getting through song is the solo if its fast but thats just me
you'll probably progress pretty quickly. I started playing about a year and a half ago, and I can tell what key something is in, improv over it, etc. Since you played piano for years, I assume you know your theory. scales are a bit different on a guitar than on a piano, though, so that may slow you up. Finger pain may prove a problem as well, since you probably don't have callouses yet.
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I started guitar before I was even a teenager, and after 4 months I was already playing some decent stuff. Since you know about music already, you should get quite good at it.
Well man, it ranges from person to person. I like to progress slow and perfect things, i think if your doing an hour of good practice a day then you'll do quite well. Don't turn guitar into something that you have to force yourself to do ( unless your doing it for the sake of becoming good). MY first few guitar lessons was, proper technique, finger excercises, songwriting... blah blah and all that. It really depends on what you want to learn.

Also, i have to say that having learnt an instrument already, dedication should come alot easier and you'll probably be more natural than someone who hasn't touched an instrument. You'll probably know alot of the theory involved with music and therefore will progress alot quicker.Basically, tell your teacher whos giving you lessons, what you want to do, and what you aim for, if you have a good teacher he'll know exactly what to put you on.

Your definitely off to a good start! Best of luck with your future playing