ok ive narrowed down my choices to these pick ups:

Basslines SPB-3 quarter-pound P Bass Pickups
EMG PHZ Passive Electric Bass Guitar Pickup
DiMarzio Model P DP122 Replacement Pickup

my bass is a BC Rich Warlock and i plan on getting another bass amp soon but which pick up do yall suggest will give me the better sound for a metal/punk sound but also a clean and jazzy tone when i want it to?
Ibanez SR 505
Brice Defiant 6 lizardburst (soon to have)
GK 700rbII
GK BXL 4x10
GK BXL 1x15
Boss GT10B (soon to have)
Quote by ele1122
The Quarter Pounder is pretty much amazing.

Yeah, it the ultimate pick-up in terms of punchiness.