im looking for a good 12 string acoustic guitar in the 200-300$ range. ive been looking at an ashton with built in eq for $269 (australian $$). anyone have some good sugestions?
Seagull S12 is a little more than that - around $300, IIRC - but I have one and it's very nice for the price.

EDIT: Around $320 Australian dollars, my bad.
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I second the Seagull. I sold one to a past bandmate a while back, but it was fantastic for the price.
Sincerely, Chad.
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You won't get the Seagull for anywhere near that price in Australia.
The Yamaha FG700s-12 or whatever the model number is could be worth a shot. I've played a couple and they were nice. Otherwise theres an Alvarez AD60S12, but thats probably creeping up to the $600 mark.

Personally, I don't like Ashton's. I really don't like the idea of something that costs under $300AUD that has a built in pickup.
i was at guitar center and played this takamine 12 string. it sounded wonderful and was only like 300 bucks.
Can I point out to people that we are talking Australian Dollars here and that in Aus, even with our dollar doing so well, we still get screwed over with prices.
The Takamine 12 string that cost $300 at GC would probably be worth $600 dollars here, quite probably more.

For example, I just looked up the Yamaha FG700S-12 which is the cheapest that I would go:

Guitar Godfrey... Are you able tp spend the extra? because it's definitely worth it.