Well, as most folks know, there are various versions of what I consider to be one of the greatest songs ever written, Johnny B. Goode (I even include the Stray Cats homage most people haven't heard of, where they play the intro of a song (I believe Built For Speed is the song) that sounds exactly like the Johnny B. Goode intro, then gores into their own song (they even go on the same scale Hendrix used on his cover in Berkely in 1970). So, there are basically two versions of this song, the Hendrix composition, and the Berry composition, the difference being Hendrix plays the intro up a fret (and adds licks), the Back to the Future version being basically akin to the Berry version, so I consider those basically the same as well.

My question is, which way do you guys play it? To be specific, in the intro (i.e. the main part of it on the 6th fret or 7th fret, possibly with a 6-7 slide). Or are you like me and add bits and pieces from other versions into it sometimes to improvise a little?

But bottom line, the song is awesome, and I play it every way I know how. Let me hear what you think!
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Everyone who's ever recorded it plays it a little bit differently, once you hit those sliding doublestops everybody knows what song you're playing so you've got a bit of leeway for the rest. As far as the key goes, for some reason I'm thinking the original was in Bb but it seems to get played in A a lot.

If you want to hear a great version listen to the one on "Live...Johnny Winter and"
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I play it in Bb with my guitar tuned down a half a step...
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I play it in Bb with my guitar tuned down a half a step...

so A lol
song stuck in my head today

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so A lol

No, in Bb with my guitar tuned a half step down. It would be in B if I played it in standard.

Sometimes I play it in C though.