I've had my guitar for a long time. I can play a bunch of little riffs from more songs than i can count. I really cant play anything solidly all the way from start to finish along with the cd. I have the E string memorized as far as notes go. I have tons of guitar mags and chord books etc. I am trying to find some kind of practrice reginment to really help myself. When i sit down and play i always find myself playing the same riffs. The opening to Under the bridge and first few chord transitions. The first little bit to blind melons "change". I took a few guitar leasons years ago I can read tab. I have guitar pro 5.2 for the computer. I am just looking to be more proficiant with my guitar able to make **** up and so forth. If someone can kind of stear me in a direction of some kind of practice regiment it would be most appriciated.
I dont have other people i can sit around and play with unfortunatley. My gear would include .. a Fender strat, a seagul acoustic , a fender jazz bass , b dec amp, marshall vasvestate vs100, and a hand full of pedals.
start playing along with songs in guitar pro. mute the guitar part you're playing in GP, and GP becomes your stand in band.

if you want to learn how to improvise solos, better start on the long road of practicing solos and learning theory.
Learn the E pentatonic minor scale in the first position up on the 12th fret. Probably (In my opinion) the easiest scale to learn, memorize, and solo with. Once you get that down its easy to change it to a different key. Say you want to play in A, just move from the 12'th fret down to the 5th.

Once you get that down you will probably naturally learn the rest of the petatonic scales and should move into the major and minor scales (Including harmonic minor and perhaps melodic if you wish).

Thats basically the way i got into scales and improv. Learned the pentatonic minor and naturally progressed into other scales.
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I have all the notes in the C major scale memorized all the way up and down the neck. I just dont really know what to do with it i guess. Nothing that sounds good anyway.
here are some tips. learn some music theory, its realy interesting and usefull, unfortunatly it gets confusing. learn scales, the pentatonic is realy helpful. a good song to learn that helps you to make stuff up is "stay togather for the kids" by blink 182 (i pray they come back sometime). try just jamming along to some A7X, their power chords are REALY easy. do some exorcises, one i do is this. play 1-2-3-4 on all the strings (low to high). when you get to the high e, move a fret up and play 5-4-3-2. then when you get to the end, move up, and keep going untill you reach 12, then go back. this helps build speed, rythem, alternat picking, and gives ideas. another thing is it seems that you have an extencive arsonal for someone who claims to not know how to play. if you have alot of money, you can buy all the gear you want but you cant buy skills, keep taht in mind, you pay for skills with your hard work and time. you also say you cant play alot of songs, thats FINE. i dont like to because im not a chords kinda guy. so i play lead in my band and that works out. do what you have to and have fun with it. if you have any questions or comments, email me at BATBOY420494@AOL.COM