I'd like to start off by saying that I am new and hopefully that will answer some questions about why I am asking this question. Today I purchased a guitar/amp (Kramer guitar and Kramer KA22R Amp) combo from a friend's friend, and with only $50 at stake, I couldn't pass it up. The problem is that I don't quite know what I bought. I know it is made by Kramer but I am unsure of the model and when it was made. Hopefully someone will recognize this and know what it is. Any info would be appreciated, thanks alot!

Note: The sticker on the bottom of the neck reads LE - 10 SB (couldn't find this model on the net) and the plate is blank (should contain serial # etc. on it right)? If there are any other pictures I can take to help identify the guitar, please let me know.

Cool guitar.
You could play hockey with that headstock.
Not sure about it though.
Call me Wes.
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hmmm I looked up the model number and found nothing
you should take it into a local shop and see if they can tell you more
but yeah cool guitar!
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A guitar made of wood?
That's such a ****ing brilliant idea!
Kramer's made a boatload of entry, mid, and high-level strat-style guitars over the years. You scored an entry level one. Woo.