is pain in my wrist normal for playing for a couple of months? im just worried about long term damagae or carpal tunnle or something...
It can be anything really..

Carpel tunnel ((Kinda doubt it, unless you use your hands alllllll day))
A pulled muscle or something
Or it's just being over used.

Defiantly take a break though. If it hurts that bad, take a break for about a week and then see how it fells. If it still hurts see a doctor :]
make sure you just take a break and rest it well. pain is your body's way of telling you that something's wrong or abnormal.
is pain in my wrist normal for playing for a couple of months

No its not normal at all. You might have a bad or awkward positioning for your hand. Revise your play style and play in a way that will not cause discomfort.
Quote by captivate
make sure you just take a break and rest it well. pain is your body's way of telling you that something's wrong or abnormal.

Absolutely. Pain is your body's way of saying you're doing it wrong. Make sure your muscles are relaxed and you don't have any tension when you play.

That being said, it could just be from overuse. Rest it for a bit and try stepping down your practicing. Gaining skill is one thing, but don't do it at the expense of your tendons
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Well it only started yesterday... and my wrist is pretty stiff when I play. when I play "relaxed" my fingers cant curve far enough over the frets and mute strings. also my wrist is slightly curved and stiff when i do bar chords and chords where I need to stretch all 4 fingers.

also when it hurts while playing its the top side of my wrist. when i'm done and rest a few hours its the inside (same side as palm). i'll prob just stop for a day or two, if I can haha.
I myself have a history of painful wrists :P I used to play World of warcraft for hours a day and lift weights. Now that I started playing the guitar, I'm real cautious about my wrists, so I wear a wrist wrap whenever I can. Sleeping, School, work, all good times to wear one :P
^^^ lol I used to play WoW and lift too. WoW didnt last long though I had a 47 priest and a 32 droo. then I stopped. I still lift though, you over on BB.com forums?
yeah lol, I go there occasionally, BULK BULK BULK, but now i'm more focused into guitarplaying more than anything ;P i quit WoW

I had two 70's, mage/warrior

Haha i had 2 70s too, UD Mage and dwarf Pala.. i got like over 120~ days play time in total over nearly 4 years, total waste of my life.. so i quit at unviersity. but now im into guitar so thats useful.. !

But on to the wrist thing. i have a small ganglion (wikipedia it if you wanna know) and it hurts to bend my wrist.

basically its like a squishy lump inside your wrist on the tendon. its from pressing 2, 2, 2, 3 all day haha.. but it hurts me to stretch my fingers and flex my wrist out for chords..

what do you mean like a wrist support? oh and some musicians wrap their figners in duck tape it seems whys that? and what does it do?

Ohh dear, I hope I don't develop that. I used to play WoW as well (God awful game, why did I bother...70 Rogue, btw) and am quite glad I stopped a few months back. I'd suggest taking a break from the guitar, or conversely seeing a specialist about it if the pain persists. I don't think I could ever stomach not playing guitar. I get withdrawal symptoms when on holiday.
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