what about riffs and recordings?

i use a line 6 guitarport.
not the best but dirt cheap.
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hmm...unless you want to buy some basic recording equipment which can be quite pricey your best bet is a microphone plugged into your computer, lots of my friends do that and the quality isn't bad
No, riffs and recordings is for recorded things, not gear with which to record.

I use my amp to a behringer board to the computer.... Saving for an Apogee duet....
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Im currently using an M-AUDIO Audiophile 2969 i think, it an internal card for PC. Connected to that ive got a behringer 12-input mixer. It works great, i use a DI box connected to the mixer to record guitars, and what ever mics i want for vocals and stuff. Not sure how much its cost all up as ive bought it over a few years.

M-AUDIO Card -- $120 from Ebay
Behringer MIXER was -- $400 Brand New
Behringer Dynamic Mics -- $80 Brand New
DI Box -- $60 Brand New

So yeah its kinda expensive but it allows me to record so much more.
Have recorded drums with it aswell.
Lexicon has a few good models of audio interfaces. The cheapest is the alpha for $100 i think. I have the Lambda, it can handle up to two instruments and two mics, and allows fading from direct to playback, which lets you hear either the guitar or the audio coming from the software which is helpful when layering tracks. That one cost me $150.
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No, riffs and recordings is for recorded things, not gear with which to record.

That's only the subforums. General recording questions, such as this one, go in the main Riffs and Recordings forum.

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