So yeahh, I fractured my wrist the following night and having played guitar on a regular basis from anywhere to six hours a day for the last eight years so I'm not sure what to do. It's not simply what extra leisure activities to do in my spare time, it's that I want to continue having acreative output because the main reason I play guitar is to compose. I already plan on getting out the snyth are playing some **** with my right hand and I plan to write poetry more frequently, but I wish there was more I could do. What do you guys do during guitar related injuries?
Did you break your wrist playing guitar?

Read more about music I guess, if you can't learn physically learn mentally for now.
Learn your theory. Spend more time in the musician talk forum. And try to steer clear of the pit, that'll eat into your time you have to do anything.
yea i fractured my arm once too. sucked cause i had to play a gig soon after. luckily i got my arm out of the cast a week before the show and could play. take the time youre injured to practice your picking hand technique, or learn some theory
i fractured my left wrist a couple of years ago, and it totally blew my mind, cause i couldnt play for about 6 months with physio and such, so it made me suck hard when i started playing again. But what i tried to do was try to learn with my right hand, while strumming slowly with my left hand. I after a while i was able to do some chord progressions, but no where near as well as with my left hand.
That happened to me. I mostly just practiced picking because that was all i could do.
Thanks guys. It's my left fretting hand that's fractured, from getting in a fight, not playing guitar. And yeah frazzledazzle it blows, I had to cancel 5 gigs including one the night of the injury and postpone recording an album until it heels. I'm currently wearing a cast. I don't really know what theory I could work on.. I already uses modes in my writing, and are familiar with most aspects of theory, but I look into to see if there is anything that has not been covered before.
Also, that ear training site sounds like a great idea. I already have a good ear and tab my own songs; learn by ear. Thanks for the input.