can sombody tell me if i got a blow out.

i posted this in the Body Mod. thread like couple hours ago but i didn't get anything so im hoping someone can help me out in here

i put in a zero like 2 days ago
and it didn't hurt or bleed or anything

today i went downtown and it was really cold and my ear was like frozen kinda
it was just colder then the rest of my body like my hands and crap

well when i got home i was going to clean my ear
and it hurt really bad to pull out my taper
so i pulled it a little harder and it was like crusty and the crust was keeping it in so i had to rip it off

when i took it out there was blood and and some yellow ****
but mostly blood the yellow stuff was just on the taper

so now i put in a 4 gauge and took out the zero

sooooo was that a blow out because i thought you can only get blowouts right when you put a new size in not like 3 days later????