OK, I recently purchased what looks like an extremely old Encore electric Stratocaster-type remake. I've searched and searched for anything about it or even a picture of it, and can't seem to find anything at all. It has one unique thing in the electrical (which is rusted and the pickup is off-centered) where a which was once attached to the output and went in thru a hole to the bridge where the strings ended. There was a load of dust and hair and in this i found what looked like a lead or pewter, some soft metal, possibly grounding mechanism may have been. No idea. it wasn't attached to the wire from the output once I found it, maybe it used to be.
I'm going to try to attach an image or two of what the gruitar looks like. I don't have a camera detailed enough to get any images of the electrical that would be of any help.

Better pics would prolly help
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it's an electric guitar
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