i have a very serious question regarding what just happened to my guitar............
i changed my factory strings to ernie ball regular slinkys on my strat cuz they were very old and now my tremolo bridge is cocked up so high that i cant make the notes lower with the whammy bar becuase its hitting on the body of the guitar............

do i need to stretch my strings more or will this go away with time???
Were they the same guage strings? I'd check the back of the trem cavity, you might have popped a spring out. Otherwise, put on another spring or tighten the claw. This isn't going to go away on it's own.
i dont no what gauge came on the guitar and the springs in the back are fine they are stretched really far but the strings i got today were 10s
How many springs are on there? Factory setup for strats is for nines, you'll want to add another spring or tighten the screw holding the claw.
3 springs came on it
how do i tighten the claw? the 2 screws going into the body of the guitar?
yea i probably should loosen the strings before i go much further so they dont snap........ glad i thought about that
yeah i had the same problem with my strat, you probably got heavier strings like i did so if you can go out and buy another spring (I paid like $2 for one), then put that in and tighten those two screws until the tremolo rests on the body, then tune the guitar making sure the tremolo rests on the body

I did this and the action has never been good since, so you might want to think about getting lighter strings again, the ernie balls you bought were probably 10s, and fenders usually come with 9s.
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i jus remembered i have 3 strings from when i was taking apart my project guitar for painting that i still havent got around to painting yet ill use them
its also going to put more tension on the neck so the truss rod my have to be adjusted as well as the saddles to get the buzzing out
when i get finally get enough money for new pickups ill change the strings back to a lighter gauge i guess