I just parted with my band recently and started writing on my own and wanted opnions. Im starting up a new project as soon as possible and hope to bring most of my solo sound to a new group. But with a more talented bassist and drummer.

check it out. www.myspace.com/metalageguitars
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theyre one of my biggest influences. that song needs to be rerecorded. it was mixed horribly.
wow, 4 bands... yea i wnna start a band up. I have only been playing for about 4-5 months, so i got a while to go before i am good enough tho. But i think that i am pretty descent, i mean, i can already do some solo stuff. Right now i am working on the song Iron Man. I got the second solo down, but the first one is a bitch.

Did u take lessons or teach urself?
i taught my self...

LOL. man i remember learning iron man. i think i even have a crappy cover of it someware online, i look and try and post the link.

but the thing is, with solos you never want to play verbatum what the original artist played. Sabbath is my favorite band and ive been busting my ass for year to reach even half of Iommis level. All i could do it put my own solos in. But thats how you devlop your own sound
for sure...
yea... the only outside help that i've had to learning the guitar is this website... other than that, i've taught myself. So i don't know the "musical" part of playing the guitar, since i can't read sheet music and stuff.

from when u first started, how long did it take til u joined a band
um...i think about 6 mths

and i dont mean to sound critical but music theory is important. My only regret is that i didnt learn it sooner. you should read up on it. itll help alot.
Its stuff like how to read music, What timing is right for what kinds of music. Keys and Steps and all the studing youll need to do to progress with your music further. Once your done with covers youll want to write your own stuff, but without atleas a small amount of theory behind youll anything you do is going to sound horrible. Trust me. if you have guitar pro i can send you a file of one of the first songs i wrote. It was awful because i had very little knowledge of theory. Then i can send you one of my more recent songs.