So I heard a song called "You Wanted More" by a band named Tonic today. That opening riff is amazing, but the chorus sounds like N*SYNC. Do they have other stuff like that opening riff or is it a lot of boy band stuff?

Edit: I am aware the song is about 10 years old.
Really? It's one of the most recognizeable 90's singles... ah well, good song =]
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That's why I'm surprised I don't recognize it.

Anyway, on a second listen, some of the riffs are good, but I just can't deal with the "boy band" elements. Do they have anything really mean and nasty or do they just not do that?
Try listening to the rest of the album Lemon Parade to see really how "un boy band-ish" it really is. I loved that album when it came out.
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