Hello, Does anyone know about this bass. It's a Jay Turser.I need the name of the colour or paint code. Also how old it is and model would be helpful . Thanks..
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That thing looks sweet. A jag body with two humbuckers.

Unfortunately, I don't have any information about it.

Same here...But two humbuckers? Amazing
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That guy needs to take the tape off ASAP.
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Hello, Does anyone know about this bass. It's a Jay Turser.I need the name of the colour or paint code. Also how old it is and model would be helpful . Thanks.

If you just need the paint, go to the local hardware store with the picture, find the closest paint chip thing, and get them to make it..
are you sure its a Jay Turser? It looks like a Stagg.
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wesley guitars also make them, they are low quality basses, very hit or miss with QC
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i know at wal-mart they have a machine that if you give them a picture of the color they can make it for you. since ur asking for the paint code i assume you wanna paint a room that color. if wal-mart has that machine i can guarantee you that any major chain hardware store (i.e. lowes) should have the same equipment and can mix up the paint for ya right there.
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Is it a Jay Turser Surf Master Bass?
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I had a J.Turser Telecaster bass. It was OK & def. + good for the $$$$$, but agathis body was SO light it was lacking in much punch or definition. I had a MIJ Fender the same to A/B it to & the Fender Killed it. I just don't like Agathis as a body for bass!
THAT looks nice tho- apart from the tape
If that were a Fender it would be Daphne Blue (not Sonic Blue).

If that were a Fender you'd be shot for having tape on it.

And your intonation is way, way, way off.

That is all.
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