a lost cause, the intro set up the mood for a dramatic sounding song but the downside in the solo is that the tone is to sharp therefore made it sound to abnormal to be played in there but none the less the solo is good.

after the break i sense verse 1, there is a vibrato effect during that part which sounds
the tone for the thrash riff sounds good, but the downside it switches between clean and distortion to suddenly, this may be solved if there are lyrics in it to make it sound more suited

overall the song will sound good once the structure is added perfectly like u said they are rough ideas and u can def build upon these nice work look forward to hearing a completed song with full set from u

Thanks for the feedback, structure and arrangement still need some work.
Crown your king

I'm going to ignore the recording quality cause I know it's the best you can do. But as of the music, it's hard to follow all the different riffs with the song structure, I think vocals would definitely work well with this song though. There's some really unique cool riffs you have going on in this though. Also, after the solo about 3 and a half minutes in, I think you should find a better way to go back into that palm muting riff. But other than organization of the riffs and adding drums, vocals, ect. I think it's pretty good work.
i think that the first clean part comes out of nowhere in eclipse, the riffs were all pretty cool but sometimes seemed to drag a bit, a better transition into the first clean part and some tonal dynamics in the other riffs and it should be good to go. by the way i'm gonna put a cleaner version of my song on so try and check it out when i put it up.

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YOur not a bad player. My suggestion to you more than anything is to find yourself something better to record with. Direct recording is god, recording through a mic just sounds cheap and uncuts the music itsself. Pick yourself up a Pod or something :P
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loved a lost cause, especially from like 0:45 and on, thats when the solo sounded coolest to me, but i agree that its too "sharp" i guess.

i loved the intro to when hell freezes over, the piano was beautiful.
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Thanks for all the feedback guys.

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YOur not a bad player. My suggestion to you more than anything is to find yourself something better to record with. Direct recording is god, recording through a mic just sounds cheap and uncuts the music itsself. Pick yourself up a Pod or something :P

Just to build off this does anyone have a good suggestion for equipment for direct recording? Other than a Pod, just since that was already suggested.
I think manson is my favorite of the songs you have posted. Very reminiscent of 80s Thrash, particularly, RIP era Megadeth. Recording quality isnt that good, but thats to be expected. Im a big fan of arpeggiation, so I really like the melodic breakdown in the second half of the song leading into the solo. Solo is pretty good, tone is a biot sharp as people have said before. The transition from the solo back into the main riff is a bit skethy, but I cant come up with anything better so I cant criticize for that. Overall good job man. Get yourself a real drummer and better recording material and your in business. Put some vocals on it and I will give it another listen.
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Also as someone already said, the piano intro to when hell freezes over is beautiful.
Are you Pactworthy?
Thanks man, I've got a couple friends who listen to Choir of Carnage by the way, we all live around that area.
Your guitar in a lost cause is in serious need of tuning.
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A Lost Cause

I liked how the heavy rhythm part blended into the arpeggio, in general the arpeggios were very nice.

The heavy and clean parts don't seem to go well with each other, and the transitions were kind of abrupt.

In general I like the mood and the style, I think if you work at it it could be a very good song.
Crown your king is a good song. Sounds alot like Metallica. What did you use to record?
I just use my computer's built in mic and garageband. Its pretty bad quality but it'll have to do for me for now. Thanks for the feedback.
Hey I was trying to crit, but I can't seem to hear any of the tracks. Do you have another medium for them?
After what i've listned to 'Manson' is my favorite. It has a Classic 80s Metal/Thrash, sound to it. You have some great melodic features and good playing chops. The Solo was pretty good however i found your tone a bit too trebly maybe.
A couple of the transitions were a bit awkward but thats just me.

Overall though, it sounds pretty cool and would benfit from some vox.

I think the mix could be cleaned up a bit too...
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I'll crit one of these.
how about eclipse....

It's kinda boring with the random power chords. It kind of gets interesting when the lead comes in on top of the clean guitar but overall, I didn't like it too much. Keep trying.
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A Lost Cause - Nice clean tone, the distorted one is bit too processed sounding to me, though.. I guess to obtain a ton of sustain.

The heavy part at 3 minutes would sound cool with drums and bass.. I get your idea, but it doesn't work in this arrangement with no accompaniment. You gotta get your programmed drums going at a minimum to really make this song come together.

Manson was cool... bad drums, but at least some drums. The recording was just poor, making the cymbals all scream out in the mix. As far as the song writing and playing goes, I thought it was great.

You need to get your recording/mixing/drums together and you will have some really sweet tracks. The songs are all pretty damn good.

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Lol I actually already critiqued the song you linked me to, unless you have something else you want me to critique?