well i have a problem: i cant decide between a black or natural dove. i need feedback asap (they'll only hold the guitar for a little bit).

black elvis dove http://www.musiciansfriend.com/produ...tar?sku=517806
-black finish (probably like the overall look of this one)
-some guy called dave grohl plays one (which i wouldn't pick it because of that but it's pretty cool anyway)
-lack of pickup (is pretty easily fixable)
-price (but it might even out if i negotiate)
-it has elvis on it (i like elvis and all but i don't want ANYONES name on my guitar)
-they may not be able to get me one

natural http://www.musiciansfriend.com/produ...tar?sku=517001
-the wings on the bridge

you guys can just do it based on looks if you want and i don't want any comments about how gibson sucks and i should get a (insert guitar here) instead. i decided i want a gibson dove but now i just need to figure out which one.
if you need the pickup, get the natural. if you dont, get the black.

otherwise, just go for the natural if black isnt available.
The fact you haven't added a single con for the Natural would make me believe it's the one you want us to tell you to get. Therefore, get the natural. In my humble opinion, black guitars are the ultimate uncool.
i like to be able to see the wood in my acoustic couldnt use your link but it is my opinion that some wood that wouldnt be used in a natural finish could be very well painted black and glossed over because you cant see it.
yeah about five minutes after i posted this i reread it and i realised that it was the natural that i was meant for. thanks for the feedback. in the end the feedback wouldn't have have made the decision for me but i didn't even have to wait for it since i had already made the decision and hadn't realised it until i looked at what i thought. i can be really oblivious sometimes.
Natural is always best. Show off that wood grain.
Sincerely, Chad.
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