I have a mini harmony with a strat style body. i had an emg 81 put in it and now it sounds like a 1000 dollar guitar (i had to have new tone and volume controls installed along with a new input jack ). but it dosnt play that great. I was thinkin of getting a new neck too. Is it possible for a guitar tech to route the body of my guitar and replace the tremlo with sumin like a floyd rose(i know a realy good dude if its possible). or am i stupid for doing this and should just get sumin like a jackson dinky with a floyd rose already on it, and put my emg in that?
depends on if you've got the money.

(also, wrong forum)

if you can afford a better guitar, GET A BETTER GUITAR. If you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT AFFORD A BETTER GUITAR, then you can try, I suppose. Just don't do anything stupid.
You'd have to find a neck thats the correct scale I think, but its fesiable.
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