ok so ive been playing guitar for about 7 months now and all I really play is punk so I just mostly do power chords(pc). I thought I was fairly decent now but latley ive been noticing when I play pc on the a string i find the root note isnt ringing. I found out whats wrong and its my ring finger on the d string note thats muting it cause it touches it. I find my fingers to be very crammed together when im playing them and everytime i switch to a pc on a string I have this problem. I use my thumb to mute the e string so I thing that has something to do with it being crammed. Im now trying to use my middle finger to mute the e string but i find it mutes the a string too. Also my fingers slant alot when playing pc. Like my fingers are slanted to the left not straight down. Can anyone help me with these problems cause I thought I was pretty good now I found out Im not.
Ok well...do you need to use any finger to mute the strings? Sometimes I use my middle finger to mute if need be but you should be able to pick accurately enough to avoid hitting the low E. Also try to adjust how your wrist is. Hope this helps.
ull find that ur fingers are slanted because of ur thumb is not positioned on the back of the guitar correctly

step 1: get ur fingers in the PC position
Step 2: adjust hand so it faces straight down
Step 3: remember where ur thumb is place it should directly in the middle of the back of guitar
and balances well in the centre or ur ring finger and rude finger

For muting: try to use ur middle finger if u NEED to, if ur thumb placement is fine ur finger should have a longer reach and would miss the a string therefore achieving what u wish to be muted
whenever i play power chords with the root note on the a string, i use my first finger to mute the e string. just move your first finger a little higher to mute that string, that way when you hit all the strings you're fretting, it doesn't ring out. just give it some practice; you'll get used to it after a few days of practicing around 2-3 hours per day. also, maybe try learning to play other genres of music just for practicing. it really helped me when i was starting out around 6 years ago. it also helps for writing material.
ya im trying the middle finger thing and its seems so much harder to get my hand in the wright spot for the chord whereas when i used my thumb it kinda anchored my hand down. My fingers just dont stretch very much. I think ill just keep playing the way I always do cause it doesnt sound really different.