A Brutal Confession needs a drummer for live performances. We have a full line up of professional and experienced musicians (minus the perc) and have recorded a full length with plans to do another. This is a paying gig so if you're serious we want to talk with you and if you have a life and are looking for a thrash metal side project then this is going to be something worth exploring. We all have lives, careers, and are past that prominent naive MTV rockstar phase. We fund our dream with our own cash and we don't need some deadbeat hanging around wondering why we don't practice 30 hours a week. We have merch, we have tunes, we can tour, we're rational, and we need a drummer!

We have only one mission: THRASH METAL DOMINATION

Go check us out at http://www.myspace.com/abrutalconfession and let us know what's up or send your inquiries to abrutalconfession@gmail.com. Please include all inquiries with your contact info (name and phone number).