ok i was at school the other day chilling in the music room, when i heard some kids talking about buckethead and they talked to me about him and they only talked about jordan from GH2 and they were saying they know everything about him and
when i asked them something they didnt know anything. so my question is, do you guys get pissed off when people think they know about BH when all they know is the one song from guitar hero?
No. I just say that's cool and give them some songs that they should check out.

Why get pissed off at something trivial like a kid enamored by a Buckethead song?
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No. i get mad when people whine about people getting into artists that arnt well known. Like there's some Buckethead fanclub that only VIPs may enter. No Guitar Hero youngins allowed cuz they cant play the guitar and therefore dont have a musical opinion.
what i hate more is when people who dont even play guitar say that someone else they know is a better player than you just because they play different style of music that i wouldnt even waste my time with
yeah, i'm pissed

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Full stop dude, learn to use it. Periods are an amazing thing in a sentence Anyways now to your question...

No and I wouldn't care, no matter how hard you try and please people they'll always find something to bitch about, no matter how much you explain something to someone they'll either not get it or not believe you and go about it their own way. Your classmates are just a few of the millions of misinformed people (including yourself) living in this world, on any given subject. So don't worry about it, let them talk their talk and just listen in and laugh and don't take it personally. I'd use it as a way to know who's bs'ing and who actually knows their stuff.
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Dude,Dustin(the ts).You dont even know any buckethead songs.You cant even play guitar well enough to talk about buckethead or the ramones or anyother music.
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yes i know exactly what you mean.
or kids at school are talking about guitarists and i mention buckethead and they have no idea who he is.
so the google him and come up to me the next day and say hes **** and the reasoning is cause of the bucket.
it annoys me but yeah
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As an actual bucket fan, It saddens me to no end when people disgrace his name like that. Jordan isn't even close to his best stuff.

If I see someone talking about Jordan (which happens alot in my choir, grr.) I throw out a casual "yeah, Jordan's ok. I'm more partial to bucket's slower stuff though, like colma. I really like how he incorporated ambiance into it, especially with whitewash. His history of ambiance is probably where he got that jump to the root note of a third harmony thing he does in alot of his songs, don't you think?

they're usually like "nah man, i'm talking about guitar here"

and i'm like "lawl"
omg lawl someone liked a buckethead song.
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i personally just don't like it when someone claims to love an artist but they only know the song from rockband or guitar hero. I was mad when I found out gh4 is going to have santeria on it, i love sublime and I kinda want to keep the gh youngins away.
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Na man, I reckon its kinda cool. So what if they only know one song? At least they're digging it, and hopefully they'll listen to some of his other stuff. I can understand it being annoying for buckethead fans when this kind of thing happens, but just look at it as a good thing, cos they obviously think the guy is cool, so they're pretending to be massive fans when they're only just getting into his stuff. Surely there was something back when you were that age that you really liked, and had to pretend to know stuff about it not to be laughed at by other guys?

Just laugh at 'em, tell them some other stuff of his that's gonna get them hooked, and guide them into guitar music instead of getting pissed off at them.
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What i hate is when people pretend they know everything about rock music/guitars, and actually there just posing to make themselves try to look cool.

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What I hate is when people bitch about the things they hate. Wait a minute... *contemplates*
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i personally just don't like it when someone claims to love an artist but they only know the song from rockband or guitar hero. I was mad when I found out gh4 is going to have santeria on it, i love sublime and I kinda want to keep the gh youngins away.

The potheads already took Santeria, and pretty much all of Sublime.
I don´t get angry that easily...most people couldn´t offend me even if they try to.

Most of the time I try to teach new things, but sometimes people just don´t care, or aren´t ready to abandon their biased opinions. So I just let them be.
Yeah it pisses me off, last year at school a guy was kinda like the kids you were talking about, but it was with Dragonforce and the only song he knew is Through the fiya and flamezorz and he was like omg i know everything about herman li... if he really did he wouldn't say Through the fiya and flamezorz has the best solo ever...

But I think it's pretty cool when kids are interested in Buckethead's stuff
The guy who posted second is correct. Stop whining.
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At least it gave you something to talk about. Don't be a dick, respect that they at least enjoy the same music as you.
xD tell them "yeah buckethead is really a girl" and see how long they search online to find out xD
I think guitar hero is a godsend (no flaming hear me out) its introducing kids to classic rock and getting them exited to actually pick up a guitar and play. Who knows? one of the mmay actually become a great guitarist, and if they didn't pick up a guitar hero controller they may have never had been interested in guitar.

I compare guitar hero to Blink-182. Sure, its not real punk, but it will open your eyes to the "real punk" and that will blossom into liking other genre's. You have to start somewhere