So I painted up and made my Squire Strat look really nice… until I put the springs in the back. I slipped twice and totally gouged the back. Any way to fix?
Either wood filler or a wood glue + sawdust mix usually works fine for me.

Oh wait, I thought you stripped the holes for the screws, where are the gouges specifically?
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Epoxy/putty and paint? There really isn't a good way to make it look perfect again.
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You can make it look the same again, as long as it's not a trans paint, or a natural finish. Basically a wood putty should do the job if the gouge isn't to big... but you said you just painted it? that 100% sucks.
oh yah to the punisher "because Like me" some people prefer to have nice looking equipment ^_^ not something with scratches and looks like it's been tossed out a 5th floor window.