hey guys, a few days ago, i submitted my first tab. it was for Arch Enemy's "In This Shallow Grave" and it got rejected after a day.

i want to know why it got rejected (and if i may resubmit), because it was definitely more accurate than the existing best tab for the song. it was a GP5 tab, only for guitar. i'll be fine if for some reason you guys rather i not resubmit this very accurate tab, but at least please tell me what was wrong with it so i don't waste my time in the future!
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You should probably ask this in the UG Contributions Forum where they have a specific sticky thread for this. The main reason will probably be that you can e-mail the tabber to correct him rather than submitting your own. It happened to me and it bummed me off but still....
Maybe because it's just for guitar?
I'm not sure.
Maybe a load of dicks just hate Arch Enemy and picked on your tab.

(PS. Ensiferum )