Yeah, productive weekend.
I like this one. Very simple, yet very...iunno, edgy? ballsy? Whatever. The title comes from 'the story of the curious oysters' scene in Alice in Wonderland.
Not one riff here wasn't influenced by As Cities Burn, and it may or may not show.

edit: Updated as of 2/10/09
Some Lower Definition influence, mostly As Cities Burn influence.
Huge makeover. Chyeah.
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every verse was pretty much some of the best I've heard, ever. The transition into the clean, slow verse is a little clumsy but I can't see how you could really change that and with vocals I'm sure it'll be fine.
Damnit man, you better record all these songs or I'ma come to your house and kick you in the teeth.
Lmao not really. But please record these. They're amazing.
No one should even crit them because they don't need to be changed in anyway, it would just get in the way of your creativity.
I enjoyed the three songs you posted recently (this one included) because you've written it your way, and if someone crit's it telling you to change something and you do end up changing it, I wouldn't like it as much I think :O

End of rant haha.

Please record these.

~Loki <3
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Haha. I can't believe someone else on here actually listens to Lower Definition, I haven't seen anybody else list them as an influence. Yeah. Definitally record this, it's tite.

I dug this whole song 100%, no critting, no complaining. Sorry I can't crit it man. Just know, it's really good.

Crit "We're Not Here To Write Poetry." please. It's in my siggy.
I feel the need to comment this again.

Once again, I thought this was great. the ACB influence is REALLY noticeable in the chorus, mostly because it sounds almost just like 'bloodsucker pt II' at first, then goes into that cool riff which is different. I wouldn't call it a rip off, cause honestly you do your riffs entirely different then he does.

Outro was my favorite, very cool.
I love the intro. Reminds me of Chiodos.
Verse is alright for a verse, but I would double timed the drums. Lead over it at 25 is great.
Pre chorus type thing is great, I would have strummed the chords at 35/36 to fit with the drumroll. But what you have there sounds good.
As Thomasoman said, very ACB chorus. Similar to bloodsucker part 2. Sounds great though. I love the disonant octave blending into the normal octave type thing. If that makes sense. that bit reminds me of underoath.
The interlude main riff is pretty good. But I feel it doesnt all fit intogether, jut lots of fast notes around the same area. Sounds good, but It could be better.
EPIC ROARZ is amazing. Again, reminds me of ACB. Transition into the chorus could be better, but its pretty hard to do a natural sounding one, so what you did was pretty good.
Both outro riffs are great, even if you just played one on its own.

Amazing amazing song. Some stuff I would change, but im sure you wrote just what you wanted which turned out great. 9.5/10


Diggin the lead at the end. And yes. Lower D is awesome... sucks that they're on hiatus now though.
man i just can't critic this, everything is amazing, good job 11/10 and yeah you can really hear the ACB influence and you just reminded me i haven't listened to them in a while omg
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I'm not familiar with the influences that you cited but this may just inspire me to check them out. I really thought this was great and would love to hear it recorded.

The intro sounded pretty cool, i just don't think it lead that well into the verse. Separately they're both good, they sound a bit different rhythmically though i think.
The first lead riff during the verse was good and i though the chorus sounded brilliant. But it would probably sound even better with vocals.
The interlude was really good, and the lead sounds really well too. I liked the way that the clean guitar came in and how it led to the EPIC ROARZ.

Again, the second chorus sounds good and the lead riff there goes really well with it. The outro was a brilliant way to end, i really like that riff!

Overall, great song with great lead that goes really well with the rhythm. If this is recorded i can imagine it sounding pretty darn awesome so put it the hell on here as soon as it is!
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I’ve come to take back what’s rightfully mine and now you’re damned
The lights grow dark in their homes
But our road is lit by fire from the sky
So we push forward

Alright... critting as I go, though i've never heard of your influences, I hope they're good.

Intro: I like the drums. They compliment the guitars very nicely. I like how the guitars are harmonized. It's done very nicely.

Verse: The first and second chord harmonizations are interesting... I like them. There's something about that I dig. The melody you bring in later is pretty good. I like it alot.

Chorus: Reminds me alot of Paramore for one reason or another... I think it's the chords you use and the progression. It just does.

Interlude: I like the melody alot, and the way you introed it is very nicely done. I think the second time around in the melody though you could harmonize it. I think that would sound really good. I like the clean guitar and the soft electric at the end.

EPIC ROARZ: Very J-rock to me... the bass line reminds me of something you'd hear by a band called The GazettE. I dunno why, it just does. It's pretty good.

Chorus: You could make the bass a more prominent instrument. Maybe give it it's own melody when you hit the high chord xD You know which one i'm talking about.

Outro: I like this alot. It fits very nicely. I think at Bar 103 you should harmonize the two guitars or something. I think it would sound very good that way.

Overall, the song is pretty good. Not neccesarily perfect, but pretty good. I like your leads, but I think they would be better harmonized... at least after four or so bars. The song doesn't really feel finished to me... I don't think it's long enough, or it doesn't reach a "proper" climax to me. I hope you don't mine, but I went in and added the verse section again. Just copy/pasted... didn't change a thing, except one rhythm thing right before the outro. I'm gonna include it, and I think it sounds better this way.

I give it a 9/10. :]

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Intro was cool. Verses were pretty good. Chorus was pretty generic though, although the ending was cool. Interlude was awesome but too long. EPIC ROARZ was the best part in the song. The second part of the next Chorus was really good. Outro was good but too long, I liked the way it ended abruptly. 8/10
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BTW awesome name!
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