I have some tuning problems with my dean !
when I tune it it´s always out of tune on the string I just tuned
when I start tuning on the low e going down to the high e the upper strings (EAD) are complete out of tune again?!

there must be something wrong with the spring tension it´s freaking me out?!

any tips???

please help
Since your guitar has a floating bridge, when you tighten one string, the tremolo will be pulled forwards slightly, looseing the other strings. You just have to keep tuning them until they all stay in tune. One of the disadvantages of a tremolo, I'm afraid.
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thats normal.... as you tune the strings to higher tension its slowly pulling the neck into its place making the rest of the strings go flat

thats why you should tune all your strings then give em a good strumming and retune them again