How do you do it? I can't do both at the same time, how do you actually get to that point? Are there like exercises that help you in that area? I can't do it at all, just wondering if anyone had some tip/pointers or anything that could help me do this.

Also, for those of you who can do it, how long had you been playing before you could do it?
just find some easy songs, all the small things was my first song i learnt to sing and play
it just comes with practice really
i've been playing nearly 4 years and still cant sing and play properly
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take it easy. dont think to hard. just dont expect to solo and sing at the same time.
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practice the music first so much that you can play it upsidedown with ur eyes closed.
then sing without the guitar.
then combine.

if the songs are originals, I find it easier, 'coz whatever you do, you can't screw up 'coz it's ur own song


and good luck
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Learn the riff really well
Learn the melody of the voice (like the amout of time you hold notes etc.)
Learn the lyrics

it all takes practice
or sing the solo while you solo
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practice, I used to have the same problem and then one day I was just able to do it, I find it helps if you play and sing along with a recording at first.
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yes it´s just about practising! try an easy song with a rhytm as easy as possible
well, ive been playing for about 2 and a half too 3 years now, but while playing chords i could do it after about a year, or as my mind got used to chord changes, as i didnt have to think about it my fingers just did it, now i can sing whilst playing sum challenging songs, i can do it very comfortably now, i didnt do any exercises, just played guitar, and eventually singing was natural, u just need time

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first you got to learn the song really well and then start singing while playing!
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I started with stuff like Iron Man where the guitar part is the same as the melody, then move the stuff like Paranoid where the guitar part is easy, but not the melody, then move to harder stuff (sorry for only using Black Sabbath examples, they just happen to be handy)
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Try practising with a song that has a similar strumming pattern to the lyrics pattern. Like, strum the chord constantly while singing. It's really hard to try songs that have completely different guitar to the singing, which is why alot of singers are the backing guitarists. You'll get better with practise though, like these guys said.
Well Wonderwall by Oasis is a song that I'm very familiar with as for a song with chords. I don't really have to think too much at all about the chord changes. The only problem I have is that the rhythm of the singing and playing always gets mixed up. They interfere with each other and I always screw both up.
Well practice the guitar part really well so you know it off by heart and then try and sing , it just takes practice but the more you do it the easier it will be to learn a song with singing, my first one was A Tout le Monde by Megadeth i think. Now im learning Hope Leaves by Opeth, beautiful song.
pfft, its easy
try playing BASS and singing at the same time
without pick/root 8th notes
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Learn to play the song properly first. Learn to sing it. Then put them together. And practice.
Just start with basic 4 chord songs, and use simple strum patterns. Even if it's just like one strum per beat/two beats.

Make sure you can play the song without having to pause between chord changes or think too much. And also, know the lyrics. There's nothing harder than trying to sing when you don't know the lyrics well. Learn the melody as well as you can too.

Just don't give up. It took me months and months.

Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah [a cover, i know, for you elitist pricks] is a really simple song to get started with.
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pfft, its easy
try playing BASS and singing at the same time
without pick/root 8th notes

That's how I started. It's just as easy as guitar.

And advise to the TS.

Start with something simple, chord wise and vocal wise. And know one of them back to front straight away. I learn the lyrics first, get the lyrics down, know the chords and then relate where the melody and lyrics go in relation to the chords. You should, without thinking, sing along to some songs.

Bright Eyes
Blink 182
Bob Dylan

Death Cab For Cutie (if you have the voice)

There's a few bands/artists that are decent to sing along to start out with.

(Yes I know they mostly start with B, i'm listening to my B play list, drop it)
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After last nights show, I'm never singing and playing again
God it was horrible
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just learn the song well enough so that u dont have to think whilst playin it, then u can put all ur thought into singing
When i play guitar and sing i think my voice sounds bad, so is it just me or does everyone dislike their voice?
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After last nights show, I'm never singing and playing again
God it was horrible
aww what happened? lol

And TS, it just comes with practice. I've been playing for about 3 years now and there's still some things I can't really sing along to but like someone else in this thread has already mentioned, it's just something that comes with being so familiar with both the guitar part and the lyrics that you don't have to think about it anymore.

Also, this is going to sound crazy but when I'm singing along to something, the mental feeling or sensation I try to create for myself is one where I imagine separating the thought of playing the piece and singing the piece so that although I'm still subconsciously focusing on playing guitar, I've just allowed my muscle memory to take over and I can focus completely on the vocals. It's purely a trick of the mind, kind of like the whole "imagine the entire crowd is naked" thing to get over stage fright, but it just helps me get over the mental hurdle of singing and playing at the same time.
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When i play guitar and sing i think my voice sounds bad, so is it just me or does everyone dislike their voice?

i dont like mine
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aww what happened? lol

Well, I forgot about a million words, near the end some guy shouted "DO YOU KNOW THIS ONE?" and when we introduced a song by the Ramones everyone went "yeeeaahh!!" and just out of complete shock I went "What you know this one? I thought you were all emo?!" *deathly silence*

Edit: on topic, things like blink182 that have a down up down up strumming pattern are easy to start with as you don't really have to think about the guitar part, it just feels like you're tapping your foot along with the song
That was a rare post..

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I don't know the answer, or have anything funny to say, but dude that is one sweet Bulbasaur avatar
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If your playing and singing the same notes, its much easier to learn and then progress onto harder stuff.

May I recommend System Of A Down, I'm not a big fan but the vocals are the same as the guitar
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