Howdy! I'm looking at buying a Marshall AVT150 head, B-Stock (I have absolutely no problem with B-Stock--so what if there might be a couple of blemishes, it's still fully backed by a warranty) for $599 USD.

Does anyone have any information on this amp that may not be well known? I've read a lot of the positives but I've yet to see anything negative about it. Of course, nothing is perfect so there are bound to be flaws, and I was just wondering what the general consensus is on this head.

Also, what are some good cabinet suggestions? One 4x12 would be more than enough but there are so many choices!!
I don't think a whole lot of people like the AVT series, but I'm a big fan of it. I haven't heard anything reliability issues though.
alright, I'll put it this way. that's way too much for B-stock. it should be around $350 for b-stock. I got it for the equivalent value in England and everything's disgustingly overpriced here. so you're getting ripped off.
Secondly, it's a horrible amp. it's truly awful. the distortion is painful, the clean is dull and lifeless, the acoustic simulator is relatively ok but too quiet....and no matter what anyone tells you, EQing does nothing to make the sound tolerable.


and it's not even in the entire AVT series, but it's that Head. it's the worst example of it.
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^ for the price (even UK prices) it's trash. Sorry.

how bad could a b-stock avt sound? o_O

don't do it.
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I don't know how the 150 is, I like my 50, but don't get the stock cab, the AVT stock speakers are crap with really muddy, loose low end.
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wether your getting a good price and the AVT or not, its SS.
SS=yuck (90% of the time IMO, although there are exceptions)
buy a good tube combo
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