Hey all i've asked around for an amp for roughly £100, but not more than 120~ for practice/little bit of jamming with a couple friends.

Might choose either the 30W or the 15W versions, but wondering about anyone's experiences with them?

I play most things but i play classic rock and metal. AD/DC Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth type music mainly. But i would like an amp that is a jack of all trades sort of as im not hardcore into any one genre.

My suggested ones are:

Laney LG-35R

Orange Crush 30R

Or any other amp for £100 pounds or under?

try the epiphone v/v jr, its only 5 watts but still pretty loud and sounds decent too
to be honest, the best idea would be to go to one of those really nice little guitar shops that are totally independent etc, they're all over the place and they sell some nicely priced smaller amps.
Or save up for a better one.
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King's Full-tube 100 watt half stack. - £300
Yeah i know a couple. Which should i avoid? I had a Behringer V-Tone 108 it sucked, and i've heard MGs and Spiders should be avoided. Any brand that is trustworthy? I am totally new on the amp scene
Buy a 30 Watt, Then you can also do some small gigs. 15 Watt isn`t enough for a ptretty big gymclass to fill up. Spider has amps with much options. But any amp that has dist/clean can be good. It will be a long day in a guitat store. But ask for advise there.
the cheaper crush's are really bad. i tried one out and it was really crackly.
If your going to go for the orange i recommend to go for a pedal with it as well its has very good cleans but the distortion isnt that good, while the laney has better distortion. also i can find both of those amps cheaper for you -

laney - http://www.mveducation.com/invt/35565/

Orange - http://www.mveducation.com/invt/34898/

digitech bad monkey - http://www.mveducation.com/invt/43497/

i think the delivery is cheaper as well and i think you can find the pedals cheaper there. Im looking for a new amp im going to buy the laney with a distortion or OD pedal or i might purchase something else.
roland cube 30. those valve juniors/ga5s etc. won't get a megadeth etc. tone without some serious boosting with pedals (which is expensive).
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Hmm i wont take the orange then, i was wanting just an amp on its own with some basic effects.
Roland cube 30.

Can get a range of distortion tones, also great for metal, + beautiful cleans.

It also has some built in effects and tuner ;]
VJ's are nice amp but they won't do Metallica or Megadeth, even with an OD....

Best option would be a cube or valvetronix....
ye get a cube, got one and is great for any genre of music can get great cleans slightly overdriven amps of full on metal tones plus some decent built in effects and a tuner, cant fault it, i hear the valvetronix are also good amps tooo