I am a massive Travis fan, I love all their songs. I mean who hasn't heard of a Travis song ''Why does it always rain on me'', ''Sing'', ''Flowers in the window''. But their not just a band who have a few massive hits and some other mediocre songs. They have tons of top singles like ''side'' and ''Tied to the 90's'' ''Writing to reach'' the list is endless.

They have so many good songs and while some people may only know them for their main songs ''Sing'' and ''Why does it always rain on me'' others, like myself enjoy almost every song they have written.
I'm a really big fan. Well, I was 'back in the day'. The Man Who is such a great album. I havent listened to their stuff in a long time and sadly havent given their latest album a listen yet. I do plan to though.

I didn't really rate their 12 Memories album but anything before that is wicked.
The Man Who is one of my favourite albums ever. I think As you Are is my favourite Travis song.

Random bit of trivia - apparently David Gilmour couldn't work out how to play the guitar riff from Turn. Fran Healy said "It's too simple"

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i have the album Singles, and I like it very much. Sing is such a great song to cheer you up.
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We play "Big Chair" a lot over the speakers at work. It's a nice deviation from the Mariah Carey and James Blunt that's usually in rotation.
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I've only recently got into this band when I heard Big Chair on Rhapsody's Lite alternative station. Afterward I downloaded My Eyes. Both are pretty good. My intentions were to buy the latest album but, I'm so lazy. :P
They are a great live band, so much more than what you get from their studio albums. dance
my fave travis song has to be "coming around" which wasnt on any album- i think it was a single released between the man who and the invisible band. I'll assume its on the singles compilation! but never seen a track listing so couldnt say. Its very "byrds" esque I reakon.

Close to that I love Turn, absolute simplistic genius. And U16 girls off good feeling for the early raw stuff.

Yup, really like em. learning "why does it always rain on me" at the moment.
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Just to add to this, "turn" is a great song to play- chordy with a couple of fill ins and that mightly simplistic intro- great stuff for the rhythm player I'm learning it at the moment.
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Turn is such an amazing song. I remember when I saw the video I was just like "Wow :O"
I love Travis. I like basically all of their albums. No way I could pick a favorite song though.
I LOVE Travis. They were the band that got me into what I consider to be "proper" music (I was a Britney Spears fan before them :p). Some of the first ever songs I learned on my guitar were Travis songs so they'll always have a special place in my heart!

However, I really want them to go back to their roots and play some "rockier" stuff again. Their last album was a step in the right direction, though! Just need some decent guitar parts and they're back on form!

They're a prime example of how fickle pop music is though. They were huge when they played all the festivals and "Why Does it Always Rain on Me" was the anthem of the year, and now no one gives them a second look!

They are absolutely spectacular live. So much energy and they sound a million times better than the studio recordings.
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