hey i just bought h.a.a.r.p, which is awesome, but the dvd and the cd doesn't have the same tracks. i thought it was from the sam concert, so i don't understand why the cd has 14 tracks while the dvd has 20

i'm quite confused, so please help me if anyone knows something.

that doesn't make sense either since hey have 13 tracks in comment (nicro cuts is on the cd not the dvd, whilst hoodoo, apocalypse please, feeling good, improv., soldiers poem, blackout, plug in baby is on the dvd but not on the cd.

They are two different gigs, it would be boring if the songs were the same on the dvd and the cd. Also, they played a slightly different set each day, so some songs were missing.
I love it. Stockholm Syndrome and Blackout were incredible, they really know how to put on a good show. I still think their performance at Glastonbury '04 was better, though.

And like it has been said before, the DVD and CD are from different nights.
I just thought that the two dates were 'cause they played till past midnight, and therefore passed into the next day.
Nope, they sold out one day in a matter of minutes, so added an extra day. They're that awesome.
Besides, if it was all the same tracks, then there'd be less songs in total. More Muse = better.