ok sometimes when i download a video and then try extract the file, Winrar wont let me do it it becouse you need all the files(parts) of the video to do so. is there anyway around this or do i just have to download all the parts?

it says you need to start extraction from previus volume to unpack this file...
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From previous knowledge you have to download all the parts. I bet it's porn and you can't wait to d/l all the parts eh? :P
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Try 7-zip then. It *can* unpack the singular files, but usually you won't be able to fast forward or anything else in the movie if you do so.
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Donwloading porn, are you?

Anyway, yeah, you have to downlaod all the parts. They haven't been coded as two single, playable files, hence why you need both parts.
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extract is put in password or whatever then let it finish extracting and when the error console pops up dont exit it minimise everything but the directory you extracted the file too and watch the "part" of the video
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a program called vlc rar loader (i think) lets you view videos as you download them if their split into rars. you need to get the files in order tho.
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