I've found that when strumming, especially on the lower strings while palm muting, my pointer finger ends up digging into the strings a bit. It seems to be because I use (wrist) rotation to strum, so my index finger just kind of naturally catches the strings. I used to not really notice or care, but I'm now thinking that this may be a factor that reduces my efficiency and economy of motion. I obviously wanted the smallest strokes possible.

Do any of you know what I'm talking about, and should I aim to avoid this?

Here are some pictures that show the way I hold my guitar pick:

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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Maybe you could adjust the position of your index finger slightly higher. Or perhaps you're picking too "deep"?
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I've thought about adjusting my index finger to be slightly higher, but it seems to give my fingers extra tension. Was wondering if there's maybe something I can do that allows my hand to stay relaxed.

Kanthras, yeah I might be picking too deep I'll work on that also.
Bend the last joint of your index in a bit, so that it no longer points at the guitar, but more towards your thumb.
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Yeah that's kind of what I have to do to remedy the problem, but I was just hoping maybe I could angle the pick differently so that I could keep my thumb and pointer finger relaxed.

My index finger only digs into strings when I'm strumming because I strum using rotation of my wrist, so I guess my finger has no choice but to catch the strings. It just annoys me.