Yeah, like, the fifty-billionth thread....

Need a new guitar. Badly. Squier sucks.

I was looking at getting a Gibson SG Special faded, but I just laid my eyes ona Gibson Les Paul Standard DC. I fell in love.

The Sg Would take me another 3 months of saving. The LP DC would take me like, another 2 years. Which one is a better option? Any better options? Any guitars that look like the DC but with an Epiphone on the headstock? Any Doublecut PRS's on a bargain?

Looking for Post Hardcore Progressive Rock kinda' sound, The Fall Of Troy to a "T".

Thanks for any help.
You might want to try out the guitars as well. Maybe they won't fit you.....
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If you have small hands I would look at the SG because of the upper fret access. I have an SG and I played a LP and could barely play past the 15th fret with the body being so thick.
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You don't NEED a Gibson. If you want a really good SG, look at some epiphone elitist models.


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Quote by MoonageDaydream
They all sound good, obviously I'd prefer the grand guitar, but picker's can't be choosers

it's beggers can't be choosers lol
but like said before
play every guitar in the store and then choose.

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