Hi guys,

I made my first attempt at mixing vocals last night. Here's a clip: http://folk.ntnu.no/andrerav/supersekrit/Space%20Time%20Matter%20Laura%20EQ.mp3

Some notes: there is some slight clipping in the vocals, that's my bad and I will of course fix that. Also there are some slight timing problems, please disregard that too.

I will appreciate advice and constructive critiscism immensly. Give me things to try out, guys! How about de-essing, for example? Any advice there? And how about compressors/limiters especially suited for vocals?

Equipment is listed .
the lead sounds ssound really nice, ur vocals with constant harmonies is great such clear tone and a great voice. the construction and compositions of the song is unique doesnt seem to be in a normal pop structure which is good i like it like that well done

THe eq levels are good, no real bad spots that i heard and they were in great tone nicely done

overall the mix is great but i would of like to hear the whole song lol
none the less it was absolutly done well great job