I don't feel like I need anything too extravagant. I use a very minimal amount of effects, possibly because I'm not creative enough to find a practical use for them? They're fun to mess around with once in a while, but that's about it. I couldn't write a song with them.

Delay is one of these, however, I would love to add some depth to my soloing with some slight delay. I'm sure some people would roll their eyes at this, but I've heard it used for this purpose before and it sounds pretty awesome to me. Some delay with some reverb, and possibly throw in chorus if you're playing clean.

I don't really have any experience with them. I'm not sure if something simple like a Boss delay would get the job done, especially since I've heard bad things about using digital pedals with tube amps?

What do you guys think would serve me well for this purpose?
echo park might be alright for you :P
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If you want something simple that sounds amazing, EHX Deluxe Memory Man.

The MXR Carbon Copy may or may not be worth a look, depending on whether the hype about it is justified.
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The Boss DD-3 is always a solid choice.
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The Line6 DL4 is well worth checking out.

Just make sure you run it through your supersonics effects loop.
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Screw that.

The T-Rex Replica is great, but I would check out the Diamond Memory Lane. Top notch pedal.
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yea if you dont want to go too extravagant then get the boss dd6 or the line 6 echopark. if you want a better pedal get a line6 dl4. thats a great pedal. im planning on getting second one.
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if all your doing is using it to give a little echo on solos, then stay simple. the line 6 dl4, echo park, and boss dd6 would be a waste of money. the boss dd3 would be my suggestion, but only because i have no experience with other delays. im sure you could find something that would suit your purposes for cheaper.
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