Yes that's right another one of those threads.

I'm getting my hair cut on Friday and dunno what to get done. Should I shorten it like some of my friends are saying? Grow it longer? Leave it as it is?

I've attached 2 photos of me so you can decide. Admittedly they are very bad photos and I look a bit moronic but it'll have to do.

If there appear to be 2 or 3 main styles that people are suggesting I may set up a poll.

Happy styling!

Also I know this is the pit but please can I get some maturity and not just some pointless answer or a picture of that goddamn pear or something. Thanks.
Maybe your friends want you to cut it because it looks like you went at it with a chainsaw. Let it grow a little longer and keep it neater and more even.
Get a new face.
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I'd say the second, but maybe try and amplify the stylin a little, its not quite loud enough to suit your style.
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Very short...

Mine was longish - about the same as yours - but it curls like a bitch and I couldn't be arsed straightening it and stuff...so I just walked into the barbers and had it shaved. Grade 4 ftw.
How? Use scissors
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There's no good reason for anyone to cut their hair.
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TS, dye it pink and get a mohawk.
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How? Use scissors

Touché good sir that was rather clever.

I dunno if I want it all shaved off though it would save me the hassle of having long hair...

And can people stop saying mullets! No matter how proud Noel Fielding would be I don't want a mullet!
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You have a Linkin Park avatar...to be fair

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