so im in the middle of painting my guitar. i have already completely sanded the guitar down and changed the bunch of the contours. next i wiped it down with mineral spirits. the last thing i did was used a sandable grainsealer on it which made it really smooth and glossy. i was wondering, do i have to sand some kind of texture or roughness into it or will the primer automaticall sticxk to it because of what it is. if i do have to roughen up the surface, what grit paper should i use for that. thanks.
my 2 cents.
You'll probably want to rough up the sealer with a
600 or finer wetordry lightly wet to give the primer
a surface to adhere to, then after a coat or two of
the primer, rough it up with 00 steel wool , thouroughly
clean and paint.
im going to be useing a matte finish and a matte clearcoat. will sand it down between coats mess with that finish and will crocous cloth be comperable to steel wool because i dont have wool but i do have a plethora of sandpapers ranging from 15 grit which is more of a pebble paper than a sand paper all the way up to emery cloth and even croucous cloth which doesnt even feelike it has a grit but seems to smooth out everything.