Well im most likely selling my Zoom G2.1u, for $150 Aud
IM getting $50 in the mail soon, so thats brings the budget to $200Aud

i just got my new Epiphone Valve Junior Stack, and i love it =]=] and im thinking about buying a wah pedal (pretty much all i used my Zoom for, and yes it wasn't that good of a wah i know,) well the local music shop has a VOX V847 for $100!! on sale thast really really good value in australia,

should i get it,

or should i buy somthing else,
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Vox wah's are good. Even better with true bypass.
Har nånn egentli vorri langt sjøl om bestemt sæ for å bruk t å me gå å vill å gjør sjå mer lik?
I'd consider buying a kickass guitar before a wah.
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What styles of music do you play? Most Vox wahs are only good up to classic rock territory, before they're unable to handle the gain very well.
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i've heard there good compitition for the cry baby,

any more help, ?? what whould i do?
i play:

Blues,funk,classic rock, rock, not too much gain really so yeah let me remind you $100 is very good price for a wah in australia, but yeah i dont know
yeah i was thinking about that cry baby, only thign is in australia there 250-300. and no morelys around here, the vox was 200 and now on sale for 100 =]=] so yeah?
if the vox is a very good price, then go for it. it should fit most of your styles either decently or very well. if it is having a bit of trouble you can always do a couple simple mods. i play pretty much the same styles as you and i have a v847, which i love. i dont have the v847a version out now, but it should still be pretty much the same. and if you dont like something about it, its easy enough to mod. i put a buffer in mine so that it will work well with my fuzz, and now its pretty much perfect for me.