Can anyone recommend me a good microphone, that would be good for recording vocals, mainly a podcast?
I'm looking in the price range of around £20. I know it won't be fantastic at that price, but any suggestions would be great.

If you can raise £10, you can get this great microphone called the Samson C01. You'll need phantom power (If you go for the USB version however, you wont. But i suggest that you stay clear from usb recording, but seeing as its for podcasts it probably wont matter). Its got a really nice crisp sound - perfect for what you need.

I advise you to watch this though. I found it real useful.
Having used both suggestions, I'd back them up. The CO1, though, is definitely twice the XM microphone for the price...just make sure to get a preamp or the USB version, since you'll need phantom power.l
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