ok so this may be a stupid question but when you solo/riff are your fingers not supposed to brush agains the other strings? i have big fingers and my piny has a wierd curve to it and i cannot solo without having my fingers slightly brush against the strings underneth them. is this normal? i've seen videos of people soloing and just by watching it seems by the arch of their fingers that they have to be brushing against other strings. if its normal, do i just mute the other strings with my picking hand? if its not normal, any advice/lessons you can point me to? thanks
as long as its not creating string noise you dot need to worry about it, theres no right way to playing guitar, as long as it makes the right noises
sometimes it does when i use my pinky. would you recommend i really work on it or just let it be? i guess im asking how big of an issue is it?
if you know that its going to happen then just mute the strings with your palm. it might be easier for you. or work on some arpeggio exercises to get your pinky more controlled.