Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I'm not all that great with the technical side of guitars, but a while ago my input jack became loose and wouldn't hold my lead in. I took it to my local guitar store and they took it back, "fixed" it, then gave it back. I say "fixed" because within a few days the jack had come loose again. I've tried tightening some of the nuts and stuff on the inside but it soon becomes loose again. I've always been really careful with my guitar and kept it in it's case or on a stand so I don't understand what could be going wrong.

Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers!
That will happen sometimes with a jack. Just tighten the nut on the outside of the jack.
yeah its a simple technical thing, the same thing happens to my guitar sometimes, just make it REALLY tight, use a wrench or a screwdriver or whatever, it will probably loosen up again, but if u tighten it really good it shouldnt be a problem for a while.
Its a friggen OUTPUT jack.

sorry thats so annoying.
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I fixed mine myself, so im glad i didn't let the shop do it so i had to pay.