hey everyone..im sorry if this is in the wrong forum i wasnt quite sure which one it should go in..it would be nice if there was one dedicated solely to recording..but anyways i was looking to find some information about how i can improve the quality of my voice on my recordings..like compression,maybe effects like delay, or anything else that would help..i have tried to use compression before but i really dont understand the paramaters like threshold,ratio,attack time, and decay time. does anyone out there know anything about these? thanks for the help
to make vocals sound nice start with adding eq, on it tinker with adding mid. treb and all that, then add some compression now i no u dont no what it all stands for but i advice u search on google or something like that because its technical but really really vital, the next step it to add effects like reverb, it fills out the mix and makes it sound clearer these are the three vital steps the rest is up to experimentation and trial and error

but like i said study into it all cause it doies get really indepth
hey thanks a lot for the replies everyone..and Martindecorum, im gonna search google and read up on the compression stuff some more. I tried a while back but most of it was very complicated and they explained it like you already knew a ton about it. Do you have any suggestions of sites that tell the basics of it?
im not sure of a site, but i go by this book VERY indepth book called the art of mixing


that the website to download it as a torrent though, u can search around with that in google bit this book has helped a zillion lol