ok, so I getting a wahwah pedal in may and I was wondering what one would be the best within my price range of 70$.Also I want it to sound something like the one that finger eleven used in their song"stay in shadow" for the solo. I really like the sound of that.
Well, of course, the Dunlop Cry Baby, as I'm sure you know... the classic.
Not quite sure how much Ibanez Weeping Demons are, but they usually sound pretty good.
for 70$ you need to go used to get something decent. If you save up more I would suggest the Dunlop Cry Baby 535 Q
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well i might as well do it know and mention vox v847
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Well, of course, the Dunlop Cry Baby, as I'm sure you know... the classic.

morley bad horsie 2 is amazin but expensive
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any genres?

go to a store and try out some (using your current guitar and amp ofc)

also look in the ultimate wah wah thread.

try dunlops crybaby series, or a vox.
Please dont buy the cheapest crybaby you can find! If you have only 70 bucks go used, Nothing is really worth while new in that price range. Up it to 120 at least and you will find some real nice wahs like the tremonti, bad horsey 2, 535q, Vox V848 Clyde, All are great, youll have to play around with them to find the one you want because every single person here has a different idea of what wahs are the best all around.
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teese picture wah. my personal fav. which is probably why i own one

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